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11 Simple Yet Effective Basement Mold Prevention Tips

Getting that musty odor from your basement once again? Well, say hello to mold!

It can be tricky to keep mold away from the basement as it is kept shut up most of the time. Stale and humid air creates a favorable environment for mold, and this is something typical of basements. The key to prevent mold growth is to ensure that moisture does not linger around for long. Here are some practical ways you can prevent mold growth in your basement:

  • Switch on the exhaust fan. Go to the basement regularly and ensure that there is a good circulation of air. Other than creating ideal conditions for mold growth, stale and moist air is also bad for your health. So keep your basement as fresh as a flower! Additionally, windows (if there are any) and doors can be left thrice every month. If there are cupboards, drawers, and cabinets, open them to air them out.
  • Humidity levels higher than 45% helps breed mold. Get a good dehumidifier to regulate humidity levels in your basement.
  • Keep the basement clean. Get rid of clutter and store books and other items neatly, away from floors and walls. Also, wood can catch mold pretty quickly so avoid storing it in the basement.
  • The basement should not have wood flooring or a carpet.
  • Caulk and seal around the doors and windows to ensure that snow, water, and moisture stairs away. Seal cracks and holes as well.
  • Don’t grow plants in your basement as it will invite mold. Additionally, keep gardening tools away.
  • Repair pipes to fix leaks and check that wastewater is drained away from your house.
  • Clean the gutters on your roof regularly as it helps to keep rainwater from collecting around your house. Deal with blockages as soon as possible.
  • If there are spills, deal with it immediately. Don’t leave wet or damp clothes around.
  • If you use the basement to work out or as a sauna, vacuum and clean it regularly. Use home-cleaning products to sanitize the equipment and don’t leave towels lying around!
  • If you are using it as a recreation room, ensure that the water from the A.C is not dripping in. If there is a fridge, clean and empty the drip pan regularly.

Call for help from mold remediation experts if you want more comprehensive strategies to keep mold away from your basement. If signs of mold are visible, professionals will be able to eradicate its presence and also insulate your home against future occurrences.

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